Origin Burgos is a small Spanish Language School for foreign people, where we offer different types of courses to learn Spanish language in the city of Burgos, very near the capital of Spain: Madrid, in the region of Castilla y León.

For Spaniards we also provide English language lessons and Spanish language support for children, in addition to educational guidance services.

The School was born in 2014 and we are specialized in teaching Spanish (Castilian language) as a second language. Our method is based in classroom courses  (face-to-face tutorials) respecting the levels specified in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The classes are for people of any culture or country who come to Burgos (Spain) and would like to improve their Spanish. In our courses are welcome children, young and old people. We adapt to your requirements and time availability. In fact, you can attend classes during the whole year, because we are open both in winter and summer.

Naturally, we follow a holistic education approach, paying particular attention to the social and emotional side of the learning process. Indeed, the main teacher is specialized in Educational support, being  this our differentiating characteristic.

Our aim is to provide students with appropiate Spanish language skills, focusing on the different needs of each student and considering the development of the four basic competences: speaking, listening, reading and writing.  For this purpose, we use accredited educational materials, games and TIC’s. Furthermore, we try to make the training an engaging and practical experience using up-to-date methods. Sometimes we also organize outdoor activities, parties and cultural events, depending on the number of students.

Currently, Origin is included as a partner of a new social economy: the cooperative SMart Ibérica, that promotes the cultural, educational and artistic development.

***The School is called in English “Origin” (Origen) referring to Burgos as the place where Spanish itself has its origins, as evidenced by the first Romance words written in the cartularies of  Valpuesta in the remote IX century, but also in other documents found in the province of Burgos.

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