home stayWe offer the opportunity to come to Burgos and live inside one  Spanish  family, it’s a homestay accommodation for young people. Host families have been selected by professionals and a tutor supervises the whole process and satisfaction of each part, the rules and the correct insertion of the students inside the family. The pupil might feel like being at home!

This is the only choice for students under 18 years old and the best way to know the Spanish lifestyle and practice the language. You can apply for this program since 14 years old until 25 years old.

It’s not needed to attend any training at our School, but you can complement the homestay with a Spanish course, activities and trips.

We have host families in Burgos city but also in the province of Burgos. Contact us for further information. This program includes, besides the homestay:

  • Full board with the family.

  • A single room fully equipped and furnished.

  • A personal tutor or coach for the student and the family available 24 hour a day.