Besides the courses specified in the web, we also offer courses for organized groups, for example for young students of an Institute that agree to come to our school. Students under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult and the accommodation is always in the house of a host family.

We also look for an appropriate accommodation if you request for it. There are available host families, colleges,  apartments shared or not, hotels and a camping.

Regarding the activities, there are many possibilities, such us visiting the town and its monuments, trips to tourist places, sports, go for a walk and eat “tapas”, go to a concert,… ecc.

In addition, we help you all in the transfer to and from Burgos giving information about air tickets, train, bus, car and so on.

We need that a representative person of the group/ teacher contact us, so that we can speak about the dates, group characteristics,  specific training needs, etc. For the teacher or guide we offer special scounts.

Contact us, in a short time we will answer, in order to keep in touch and organize the course just like you would like to!