Private tutor – local guide while having a walk around the beautiful city of Burgos.

The guide could also be a linguistic guide, speaking two languages contemporanously: Castilian Spanish language and the language of the visitor (English, Italian, French or German). This alternative is perfect for those who already speak the language, but they might would like to practice it in real situations and improve their oral skills. A native qualified tutor accompanies the student through the streets, shops, parks, restaurants, … and gives explanations, in order to guide and inform. The itinerary is decided together. It’s a different method  to know more about the language, but also about Spanish culture and the services that the city offers.

Other advantages of this way to learn could be:

– To have a friendly and close rapport with the tutor-guide.

– To take advantage of good weather outdoors.

– To do something else, such as buying something, eating, walking, visit a museum, do paperwork,… etc.

– To learn new vocabulary and expressions.

– To develop a relationship with  the teacher.

The cost price is only 18€/ h. , available any day or time.

comprando en mercadillo

Enjoy and improve your Spanish without being awareness!