Would you like to live in the north of Spain with a local family? Be an au pair!

You will get free accommodation in a single room inside the house of the familiy,  food  and a weekly wage of 60-100 € in exchange for  doing babysitting and some simple housework. 

The  workday is only about five hours, usually in the evening, when children don’t have to go to school. You also will have free two days per week. Babies are at least 2 years old and families are carefully selected.

Often Spanish families required  the au pair to give some English language assistance to their children. This means to speak some hours in English with them or  to help them doing their English school homework.  For that kind of responsability, it’s not compulsory to be an English mother tongue, but  you need to have a high level of knowkedge of English language.

In some cases, the Spanish host family  also covers the cost of a Spanish language course at our school, the travel from your country or the medical insurance.

Stays are  at least for  three months in summer, but the most required duration is for the nine months of the whole academic year.

Conditions  to work as an au-pair and an English language assistant in a Spanish  family:

Au- pair in Burgos (Spain)–  Age requirement 18- 30 years old.

– To have undergone training in child related studies, degree preferably in Child health or previous experience looking after babies.

–  To have a willingness to work with children,  to have a child friendly appropriate approach.

–  To have at least a basic level of Spanish language.

The au pairs outside Europe should contact Spanish Consulate in their countries at least 60 days before their arrival in Spain, have applied for a visa, show enough financial resources and contract a private medical insurance.

We follow the regulations established by the IAPA (International Au Pair Association) and its corresponding AEPA (Association. Spanish the AuPair program).

For further information: read our page Work and learn Spanish and contact us.