Visitors in Burgos are free to participate in a wide range of activities. Some of them  are recommended to the students according to their preferences, the kind of groups and the weather. Most of them are running by teachers from the school.

We also give personal advise to those students who want to perform activities on their own.

It is advisable to get before coming to Spain: the European Youth card, in order to visit some tourist sites for free or to take advantage of some discounts.


For the whole weekend (including night out) or only for one day out, the School organize trips to nearby tourist and cultural interesting places. For example: Santander beach, Asturias mountains, Salamanca, wine route in Aranda de Duero, villages of the province of Burgos, Madrid … etc.






Burgos centerVisiting Burgos together

Guided tour with bilingual teachers around Burgos town to discover its rich cultural and artistic heritage. 

Some emblematic places to visit are: the Museo de la Evolución Humana (MEH), the gothic cathedral and its museum, and its museum, the Cartuja de Miraflores and its natural environment, the medieval castle and its viewpoint, the monastery of Las Huelgas, etc …







Gastronomic routes around trendy restaurants of the city. Taste the great Spanish typical food  and enjoy the atmosphere! 

 We also offer cuisine workshops for groups to learn how to cook tradicional or creative recipes,  taught by a professional chef in an external center of the town that has multiple kitchens (Detail in the photo). Each session lasts an hour and a half and the dish or dishes prepared are eaten by the students at the end of the worksop. Closed in August.







Sport and dance

In the city there are plenty sports facilities. You can play football, basketball, swimming, tennis, athletics, skate … 

Specifically, we have agreements with the Trinacria Equestrian Club, which offers one-hour horse riding classes, even for just one day, alone or in groups of a maximum of 5 students. We take care of the transport to the club, which is located in the nearby village of Tardajos.



Besides, it is  possible to attend sevillanas lessons (flamenco dance) at a partner center in Burgos. You can go even only for  some days, each session lasts one hour (Closed in August).




The price of the activities is not included in the courses. The approximate amount for each session of the cuisine workshops, riding and sevillanas lessons is  16 € per person, including the transport to the centers. It is advisable to participate in activities to get into the Spanish culture and enjoy your days in Burgos.

It is necessary to register in advance and it is required a minimum of attendees to organize some workshops.

We are open to any other proposal or suggestion.

Let’s have fun!