Origin is a small International Spanish Language School for foreign people in the center of the city of Burgos in the region of Castilla y León in Spain, near Madrid.

It is called in English “Origin” (Origen) referring to Burgos as the place where Spanish has its origins, as evidenced by the first words written in Romance in the cartularies of Valpuesta in the remote IX century. 

Burgos is a cultural city with many attractions. It is even World Heritage  for three reasons: its cathedral and old town, the Atapuerca site and the Way of Saint James. It was also the European City of Gastronomy in 2013 for its culinary delights.

The School was born in 2014 and we teach only classroom courses of Spanish language following the levels specified in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The classes are for people of any culture who have established residence here in Burgos: workers, students, retired people and also tourists staying at Burgos for short periods of time and for groups of students coming from another countries. Our courses are for children, young and old people.

We adapt every lesson to your requirements and time availability. We are open during the whole year.

Our aim is to provide students with appropiate Spanish language resources in real communicative situations. We also teach the other three skills: listening, reading and writing.

At Origin School we use a Holistic  Educational Method paying particular attention to the social and emotional side of the learning process of the students.

For this purpose, we use accredited educational materials, games and digital resources. We give priority to group dynamics instead of individual ones. Furthermore, the teachers of our school try to make  the learning process a fun and practical experience using  updated methods

Another important aspect of the School is that we are partners of a Cooperative called SMart Ibérica, a big  team formed by European professionals  interconnected by the same goal: to promote the development of cultural and educational issues.