Today you are going to learn  a new colloquial expression in Spanish: “a un tiro de piedra” or “a tiro de piedra” (a stone throw away), which means “near”, and other idioms with similar meaning.

But in addition, we are going to “matar dos pájaros de un tiro”, which literal meaning is “to kill two birds with one stone”, that isto say that I will teach you two arguments simultaneously. In fact, through the examples, considering the privileged location of Burgos in Spain, I will name two nearby tourist places that we recommend to visit when you will come to Burgos one day, surely you will love them.


“A un tiro de piedra” means closeness. But, how near? Obviously, there isn’t an exact answer, since it reflects a subjective appreciation of the speaker and it is necessary to contextualize it. It could be 50 meters, 5 km or 1000 km. In the example, how far is it  Santander from Burgos? Well, only a couple of hours by car and good road “está a un tiro de piedra” and you can go and come back in the day.

To form the phrase, owing to the fact that we are speaking about places, location or position in the space; we must use the verb ESTAR (to stay) and not SER (to be). I know that many of you already know it, but sometimes you could confuse it. Be careful!

How envy of people in the beach these hot days! Besides, temperatures in Santander are very pleasant and the wind blows a little, which makes the stay very bearable. The beach in the photo is El Sardinero beach, which is the largest in the city, as well as being very beautiful; but there are more beaches within Santander city, like La Magdalena.

To know more about Santander and its surroundings, you can click on the following link: Santander tourism.

Other Spanish expressions that indicate closeness are: “a un paso” = “to stay one step ahead” and “a la vuelta de la esquina” = “to be around the corner”.



The capital of Spain: Madrid, is located on the center of the country and in just two and a half hours can be reached by car though the motorway. It deserves a must visit from our students.

To know what to visit in Madrid, please, access to the following link: Madrid turism.


  • “Aprender español, gracias a la escuela Origin, está a la vuelta de la esquina”.

  • “La puerta de Alcalá en Madrid, se encuentra a un paso del parque del Retiro”.

  • “Pineda de la Sierra está a la vuelta de la esquina”.

  • “Estamos a un paso de lograr el éxito en la empresa”.

As can be deduced from the examples above, these idioms can have a figurative or abstract meaning, that is to say, not referring to a physical distance, but to the desire for a nearness in time or a certain facility to obtain something.

To complete the argument, I add other colloquial phrases that refer to the short time needed to accomplish something: “en un abrir y cerrar de ojos”= “in the twinkling of an eye”. Also, with the same connotation, but as slang idioms, we find: “en un pis pas” or “en un plin”.

Today, thanks to the plane, we are sure to ” estar a un tiro de piedra” from your country. Come to visit Burgos and enjoy being on holidays here!

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